Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the road again...

I am now in the middle of Missouri after touring Evangel University today in Springfield. As you know, part of my family and I are on a VERY LONG road trip to look into various universities my sister and I are interested in attending in the near future. We have had a WONDERFUL trip so far! We have been able to see many dear friends along the way as we stop to sleep then get on the road and drive some more. We've stoppped in Washington DC, Little Rock AR, Charleston SC as we visit Regent University, Charleston Southern, Evangel and Grand Canyon. The schools all look fantastic! Sometimes I think that maybe going to visit each is only making the decision harder. I continue to pray for the Lord's direction in this decision. I will continue to shoot and compete... wherever I go. I am so excited about this coming new change in my life!

Tomorrow we will be having breakfast with my grandparents. I am looking forward to this very much because I think it has been about a year since I've seen them. Then ... on the road again!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Home on the Range

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home since my return from Beijing. I am taking a temporary break from shooting and using this time to catch up on mail, email, and phone calls I have missed over the past month. AND spend some time with friends an family that I have been unable to see or get together with over the past year or so.

A very good friend of mine, Erika, will be getting married next month. So I visited with her for a couple days over the weekend. I haven't seen her much this year since she lives in another city. And after her ceremony she will be leaving for Japan for three years where her husband will be stationed. It was wonderful just getting to be together and go to church, then to the mountains to hike and hunt for prairie dogs.

I've also been working in the office at our dance studio and trying to get organized after being at the Games and bringing so much back with me. I will need to get going on my scrapbooking immediately! I was home for my mom's birthday which was wonderful! I missed her so much while I was in China! I would call on the phone lines the USOC provided the American athletes and just talk to her for as long as I was allowed. She faithfully emailed me while I was in China both before and after my competition. She is a great source of support to me.

What Now?
Now that the Games are completed, I get the next few months to regroup, have some time off and travel. Next week all the girls in my family will be going on a road trip! We will drive to the east coast visiting friends and prospective colleges on the way there and back. I plan on beginning school (finally) in January. I held off from college after high school to pursue my archery ambitions. I didn't know I would continue to train and compete for the next Olympics when I finished in Athens. I have completely enjoyed the last 7 years I devoted to archery. But I realy know it's time for a change in my life and look forward to living in a new place and going to school. I am still undecided in what major and what school. But I know I will continue to shoot whenever not studying and compete as much as possible. I am excited about incorporating something new in my life, and expanding my perspective of my future. I can tell the Lord has been preparing my heart because I am not one for loving change. But, for the first time, I feel ready to move on and begin a new chapter. I don't know what the Lord has in store for the next several years, but I am thrilled to be following His path. I am praying for direction.

But when it comes to the Olympics... I believe I will be back to train full time and pursue London in 2012. The Olympics are kind of addicting. The thrill and excitement, the people you meet and the incredible memories are priceless. So... we will see what happens. The future is in God's hands, not mine. But if He wills, I think I will try to make a third Olympic Team in four years.