Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been Awhile

Hey everyone!

It's been quite sometime since I've posted. A lot has changed in my life over the past several months. I moved to Texas and began attending at Texas A&M University as a Political Science major. It has been a great experience, but difficult adjusting. Balancing my time has been challenging. I am enjoying my classes though and am able to keep up with my shooting as much as possible, which isn't quie as much as I'm used to.

Speaking of which...
I went to the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas a few weeks ago to compete. It was a great trip! My family met my sister and me there and it was so good to see so many dearly loved archery friends (my other family). I ended up winning the compeititon (much to my surprise). God is so faithful, even in our lack, He proves to be our All-Sufficiency. Not that I will always win, or always shoot high when I haven't practiced as much as is needed. But He is faithful and He blesses us with good things. I just saw my results at Vegas as a special blessing from Him.

I am now shooting Indoor Nationals and just shot a personal best in competition for my first round with a 296 (another big surprise). I'm really working on just trusting God, day by day. If He is who I am living for, then I will accomplish what I can for Him and pray that He be glorified. But it can be hard. Living for self is so natural. Being success focused rather than God focused. Even when it just comes in the form of your to-do list running your life. Always the rat race of getting places on time and doing everything that fills our plate. Thank God we live by His grace, we accomplish what is needed, and that He is ever present to carry our burdens. I just need to remember that. I don't have to carry it all by myself. And in my self-sufficient habits, I try, then fall. He is always there to lovingly pick me up, dust me off, and gently take my burden from me. He is so patient, to be there every time I make that same mistake of attempting to handle everything independantly. This week I really worked on praying, meditating on the Word and praising the Lord when I began to feel stress. Would you know, this week was much more smooth than the past several. Learning to lean on the Everlasting Arm ;-)

I miss writing here and will try to keep up better in the future. I have more to wrie but will have to wait til next time. Goodnight!