Friday, June 27, 2008

Olympic Round

We shot the Olympic Round/Eliminations on Wednesday. The day was gorgeous and the Lord granted me a special gift of peace. I wasn't nervous in least and was truly competing in a manner to offer my best and fully enjoy the experience. I shot really well too! My first match was my lowest, just getting into the swing of things and finding my shot under pressure. Shot a 108 to win. I surprised myself for the next two matches I shot 112 each and won. My focus and timing were increasingly better as the day progressed. My fourth and last match was good scoring 109-110 but not enough to make it to the finals. I was increadibly pleased, though. I ended up in 5th place overall and believe that was exactly where the Lord intended for me to end. It is a great confidence booster going into the Games. Will write more later.

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