Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blue Sky

Today was gorgeous!!! We saw completely blue sky for the first time during our visit so far! It was hot though. Training went better. Not so much on the target. But MY SHOOTING was better as well as my attitude. I started to let go of some of the stress and really enjoyed my shooting today. I was able to speak with my coach, Alexander, before the morning session and he built me up so much. He reminded me of my goals, my abilities and my strengths, foremostly my greatest source of strength, relying on God when I'm not STRONG. He encouraged me to relax, be calm, enjoy my shooting and take it easy. He has a saying from Russia that he always says to me: "If we will have day, we will have food." AKA- Do not worry about tomorrow. What you will eat or what you will wear.... "But seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is it's own trouble." Matt. 6:33-34 I am working on practicing this and not just reciting the words. But it's still challenging.

Tomorrow is our day off... Yay!!! I will be getting massage, going to the village church, and having Bible study early in the morning. Tomorrow night our team is planning on going to the University that is supposed to be the USA team's home away from home to have dinner. It will be a nice change. And HOPEFULLY, we can visit a tourist attraction. My goal tomorrow is to not think about archery at all and just have fun. I've been getting a bit too intense over the past few days.

If anyone would like to send a letter or card to me (no pressure.. your comments are just fine too) please address them to:

United States Olympic Committee
Attn: Archery - Jennifer Nichols
1 Dong Fang Road
North Dong Sanhuan Road
Chaoyang, Beijing 100027

Have a wonderful night and God bless!


pineapple3d said...

Jenny your blogg is great! Cant wait you see you and the rest of the team in a few days.


C-dub said...

We're praying for you here in Maricopa, AZ Jennifer!!! May God give you strength, endurance and JOY in abundance. :-)

Pastor Chris and Calvary Chapel Maricopa

Kelly said...

hey! i talked to brady this morning and am i so happy you guys are having fun! it helps that you keep an updated blog unlike him lol, but what do you expect its brady. i'll be praying and thinking about the whole team. enjoy your day off you guys deserve it!

archerymom1 said...

Hi Jenny,
We get there Thursday. Can't wait to see you. We're so proud of you. You will be fine. No Worries!!!!
Love You,
Your Other Mom,

Judy K said...

Hey Jenny,

Glad to know there is some hope for blue sky while in Beijing! :) I read in your blog that you were going to the Village church. How was that?

Can't wait to see you in Beijing! Karen and I are going to try and get tickets as soon as we get there!

Favor? There are two women it would be cool if you could meet to encourage. One, Fiona, is a Christian Aussie hockey player. She injured her hamstring Friday in a practice match and we are praying for a healing! Second, I have met and "shared" with one of your competitors, Dorji Dolma. She is the Bhutanese archer. We've shared with her at both the World Uni Games and the Asian Games!

Take care, Judy

mike r said...

Have some fun and soak in the positive energy, Jenny. All of Cheyenne is sending you positive waves.

Anonymous said...

Our Famly is praying for you! I even have family in N.D. petitioning the Lord on your behalf. May the Lord's peace be with you!!
Mark, Becky, Ashley, Ambria, & Alyssa