Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have Thine Own Way, Lord

I just finished Bible study with Coach Lee this morning. We have been meeting each morning to pray, read from Psalms and Proverbs, and sing hymns. This has been an incredible encouragement to me and has really helped me to stay focused since I've been here. I have been learning new hymns from the back of Coach Lee's Bible, I will sing in english and he in korean half the time. I LOVE the beautiful hymns with their meaningful words!

Yesterday we shot the qualification round. I felt so good going into the competition! I was ready, confident, focused and trusting the Lord with my results. But my scores were not only less than I had expected, they were less than my average! I was disappointed. But I shot well. And upon looking back I wouldn't have done anything different. I gave it my best that day. And though it's hard to accept, I know the Lord placed me where He wanted me. I had more prayer going out for me and I had surrendered it to Him so much, nothing could have gotten in the way of how He meant me to finish in the qualifier. He is God and I am not. Proverbs 10:25 - When the temptest passes, the wicked is no more, but the righteous is established forever. - When this tempest passes, I will still be standing in Christ. And if He needs to strip me of every comfort till I am completely His - this is my desire. I don't understand His plan for me right now, but I know it is for my good. So I will continue to put my trust in Christ alone.

I compete again on Tuesday. I come in ranked 24th and will be shooting confidently once again. Today I am taking the day off and resting. Tomorrow I will train and my family arrives in the afternoon!!!! I can't wait to see them.

There is so much to write to you about!!! Opening Ceremonies was incredible!!! We met and took pictures with President George Bush, the First Lady, the First Daughter and George Bush Sr. It was a magnificent evening! Marching in to the largest stadium I have EVER seen!!! Tons of people!!! It was moving! We looked great, though our outfits were like mini saunas... :-) I will write more later. Have to get to lunch.


Ginger said...

Jenny, the soumokils from Missouri send you our love and support!! Thanks for your strong stand for our Lord.
Go for it and in Him!!

We are praying for you.

love, ginger and family

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jenny. We are praying that God would be glorified in your shooting! Your cousin Steven

Anonymous said...

what a true testimony and inspiration. we will be praying for you as you continue your olympic goals... God Bless You and keep your faith!

Mark Allen Vandeberghe said...

Will be praying for you for tomorrow. We will be watching live on-line at 8:00 PM Monday. (Ambria is really looking forward to that) Also will be praying for no rain. Looks like the rain does not phase the Koreans during the team event. God Bless

Vandeberghe family

Sue said...

Your faith is so inspiring! Our family in Indiana is praying with the knowledge that you can do all things through Christ who is obviously strengthening you...physically and spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
Please know that many people are praying for you. You are on our minds practically every minute of each day and we whisper up prayers for you wherever we are. The Lord is with you and He is using you to shine some peace and light onto others who need to know his bountiful love, grace, and mercy. Wish we could do more to support you, but this is all we know how to do for now. We pray you do well today (which is Tuesday for you, but Monday for us...I think).
In Christ's Love,
Becky Vandeberghe

Anonymous said...

May God bless your shooting and testimony in Beijing and beyond.

You go!

The Rickard family in Laramie.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, your doing great! I know my family is SO PROUD OF YOU! I know youll do well! China must be so amazing...I can only dream of what it is like. Anyways, I hope all your dreams come true and i will def. talk to you later!

Colton said...

Jenny, this is Colton! We saw you and the entire family in the stands tonight when Khatuna was shooting. Please tell them all that we said Hi, and that Mandy was loud enough that we could hear her on TV. Well, we can't prove it was Mandy, but that's the way we'll tell the story... So your next round will be at 3:00 am our time. We'd definitely stay up and watch, but since they've got you on court B it doesn't look like you'll be on camera this time. Anyway, though you probably won't read this until after you've shot, please know that we're thinking of you and wish you all the very best. Don't forget to have fun!! Love you tons, Colton and Antje (and Grant!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer. I got some screen captures of you and your family in the stands during Katuna's match yesterday. I had to watch online, because it was not televised. I also tried to watch yours this morning 3;00am (MST), but they didn't show it. Every once in a while I could hear the announcer say your score, and heard you had a great round of 114 and then a 103.

I hope you and your family are enjoying yourselves in China.

God bless - Pastor Shaun.

Just Me... said...

Just wanted to say hi from North Dakota. I was looking over the archery competition and ran into your interview. I was excited to hear your testimony in all of what the Lord has done and is doing in your life!
Congratulations on all of your achievements!
The Lord Bless you and make you a blessing!
Num 6:24-27!!

Adam Canfield

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your performance! Your 1st round was superb by Olympic standards. We tried to watch the individuals online, but only Field A was videotaped when you were shooting at 3 a.m. Cheyenne time. God and Wyoming are proud of you! I hope you continue your Olympic dream in the years ahead. (From fans in Cheyenne)

Anonymous said...

I happened onto your blog a few weeks ago and my wife and I have followed your progress and writing as often as our time and work permits. You are a wonderful inspiration for us and a beautiful and powerful testimony for the Lord. However you finish on the Olympic range (both my son and I are archers, so it does mean a lot to us that you're there and that you do well), it is far more important and of much greater impact that you have made youself and your talent a voice for Him. Thank you.
Bob and Nancy Banks