Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exciting Times

Yesterday we had quite the exciting experience! After lunch, my coach and I went back outside to finish my training, and tuning, at the long distance. It had begun to rain so we headed for the overhang to wait the storm out. An incredible thunderstorm ensued! It was awe inspiring! The rain POURED! We stood on the tables under the overhang to keep from getting wet. There was lots of thunder too. No attempting to shoot then! No way! There was a loud crack and we realized a nearby power line had been struck and was smoking. We watched for about 20min. as the outdoor archery range flooded. Once the rain lightened we ran inside to finish shooting at thirty meters distance.

I'm still keeping very busy training. Up early in the morning to be the heat, or at least warm up with the day, shooting high quantities of arrows and still working on tuning. We haven't found a combination in my equipment that is outstanding yet, so we will keep trying till we do. In the meantime I'm working (as well as my dad and a couple friends) on finding a scope sponsor. My previous scope I was using blew over at the last leg of the Olympic Trials in a strong wind storm. So now I am looking for companies who may be interested in supporting me with equipment as I compete in the Games.

It's a Grind, coffee shop, has been a stop for me every few nights. Here I can have a coffee or tea and catch up on all of my internet activity. Sunday night, as I was leaving, there was a small group of people gathered outside singing worship songs with a guitar. I joined the group, sang with and met the people who were immediate friends due to that familiarity we share in the Body of Christ. It was so refreshing meeting these brothers and sisters in the Lord and joining them as we worshiped Him together! Tonight, they were at the coffee shop again so we talked and sat and sang. Oh how I loved this sweet but short time we shared in the Lord's presence! Such an encouragement it was to me! And we sang old praise songs I haven't heard since I was a little girl.

I am currently reading Hind's Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It is an allegorical tale of the Christian life. It is so good!!! It seems to very specifically parallel my walk with Christ at this time... almost to the point where it is strange how accurately the story corresponds to the events in my life right now. The story follows a girl named Much-Afraid and her journey to the High Places as she's led by the Good Shepherd to the Kingdom of Love. Currently she's going through the forest of Danger and Tribulation. She is being taunted by her enemies Self-Pity, Craven Fear, and Pride as she encounters storms in this forest. But she holds steady to her faithful companions: Sorrow and Suffering. The Shepherd Himself assigned these companions to her. And the Shepherd is ever present when she calls to Him for help. He will rescue her, challenge her faith and speak truth into her life from the Scriptures. This story continues to encourage me as I encounter the storms in the forest of Danger and Tribulation.

I must go now and get to bed... after I help with the end of a Scrabble game. Goodnight!


Workinprogress said...

Hello Jennifer,I just want to say God Bless and good luck in the Olympics. I will be praying for you and all of the other Olympians, it is good to see that my nieces have good, strong Christian role models out there. God Bless and good luck again I'll pray that you find a scope sponsor too. GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of those u worshipped with. They told me u all had a blast. We will be praying for you in BEJING or however u spell it. I am not the smartest one of the group. Got a c- in spelling. Godbless.,.......