Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally.. Day off

Training in Tucson has been very good. I am working on tuning my bows with my coach. We are working on getting my back up bow (the red one) in better shape, and we're putting together a new one PSE had waiting for me when I arrived. It is a silvery purple color. That combined with the almost lavender shade sight I have mounted to it... provoked the title "Pixie Dust." I think it's quite appropriate... if you think of a wonderful thought! ;-) Pixie is beginning to shoot well and is looking to become my primary bow.

Today was incredibly hot and humid! Being my sixth training day in a row, I was exhausted. It was a struggle just to finish my training schedule today! I fell into bed when I got home for a nap. I am so grateful for my long awaited rest day tomorrow. I will be going to church in the morning with several girlfriends from here in Tucson. I am so excited! I go to Victory Assembly of God while I'm here. And I LOVE this church!!! It feels like home. Here is the link to the church:
Last Sunday, Pastor Zane spoke on our godly heritage, our founding fathers and our responsibility as the church in America to pray for our country and to be involved as much as possible. I'm only here periodically, but I consider it my home church when I'm in Tucson.

I've been keeping busy having fun with friends in balancing out my training time. Last night Antje, Jenny and I had a girls' night and watched a chick flick after sitting out on the back porch in the warm evening, talking and watching the lightning storm over the nearby mountains. Tonight I went to dinner at Nicole and Allen Rasor's house. We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up. Then we all put little Caleb to bed, but not before our dance party (Caleb loves to sing and dance to the music of the Three Tenors. Caleb is 2 yrs. old).

I have another week left of training in Tucson before I go home. My coach is working so hard to get my equipment (and me) ready. A few days ago, he and I were interviewed by the local NBC station and made it on the 6pm news the next day. Between that and the recent newspaper article on he and I... many people are recognizing me here and congratulating me on my success. When I got out of my car at my coach's house, his neighbor met and greeted me so that she could congratulate me and say good luck.

I must get to bed now. This has been tricky for me this past several weeks. And getting up at 6am every day only makes it that much more important to sleep. And prepare for my day off tomorrow! YAY!

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