Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Party Time

On Thursday last week, my dear friend and biggest fan, Dr. Bob Farr, threw a party in my honor celebrating my making of a second Olympic Archery Team. It was a wonderful party! And it was so good to see friends and meet some new ones. Everyone was very kind, very supportive and greatly encouraging. Senator Barrasso had a represenative from his office attend the party and wish me well. Dr. Farr also read letters of congratulations and high compliments from Congresswoman Barbara Cubin, Senator Mike Enzi, Governor Freudenthal and Mayor Jack Spiker. I was overwhelmed! I then gave a short explanation of archery competition, how to shoot a bow and a summary of my experiences as a member of the U.S. Archery Team. I introduced my family as well as my first coach, John Wilson, who was able to attend. Later, I did a shooting demo at balloons. This was after considering to shoot an apple off Dr. Farr's head but thinking better of it ;-) (not really, bu it was fun to pretend). Many guests gave generous gifts to help relieve the finacial burden of my family traveling to Beijing to support me as I compete in the Games. I would like to say thank you to all who gave and all who attended the party to support me. This was such an encouragement to me and makes me even more excited about representing the U.S. at the Olympics!

My family and I had a wonderful Fourth of July. We met with friends for dinner and later watched the fireworks from the interstate (yes, we pulled off the freeway and watched with about 150 other people with the same idea). Then rushed home to pack for my trip the next day.

Now I'm in Tucson, training and working on equipment. We (my coach, Alexander, and I) are setting up a new bow to take to China. I am very excited about a new set-up and to get to know the personality of this new bow ;-) It is so incredibly HOT down here. And Tucson is in their rainy season so it's strangely humid as well. It is fabulous preparation for China! I am really enjoying being down here. I am able to work hard and focus in on shooting and direct preparation. Plus with the weather as it is, makes for beautiful skies and breathtaking sunsets! Though it's a high training time and I'm working hard, it's relaxing being here in a way too. Alexander and I have had some great conversations and I am really preparing well mentally for the competition to come. In the evenings, I am often over at Colton and Antje's house. Good friends are those who will take you in at any hour, feed you constantly, listen to your archery ramblings, and still welcome you back each time ;-) Thanks guys!

I had an interview today with a local Tucson station, Channel 4 news, that went very well. Though it was very hot in the sun and I was drippping. I believe it will air tomorrow around he 6pm hour.

I better get to bed since we have to start early each day to beat the heat.

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